Implemented Projects / Agriculture

Establishment of Database, Network Connection and Web Pages of Smallholders/ Family Farmer’s Agricultural Cooperatives between OIC Member States (2015-TURAGRIC-164)

Improving Small Ruminates Productivity by using different technologies as silage, feed block and hydroponic in Palestine, Jordan and Tunisia (2015-PSEAGRIC-124)

Rural Household Empowerment on Management of Production, Supply and Market Access (2015-IRNAGRIC-116)

Project for support to the Agricultural training centers in Chad (2014-CHAAGRIC-031)

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Greenhouse vegetable Crops; Principles for tropical climate areas ()

The establishment of database, network connection and web pages of smallholders/family farmer’s agricultural cooperatives between COMCEC member states (2014-TURAGRIC-065)

Improving the income of small and medium scale farmers in OIC Member State through Integrated Farming System (2014-INDAGRIC-076)

Pakistan Bioremediation Model for wastewater treatment and capacity building program among OIC countries (2013-PAKAGRIC-0104)