Implemented Projects / Poverty Alleviation

Strengthening Technical and Vocational Education for Grassroots Empowerment in the OIC Countries (2018-NGAPOVER-605)

Developing Guidelines on Social Safety Net Systems for the OIC Countries (2018-TURPOVER-586)

Improving the Single Window Service System for Social Protection and Poverty Reduction in the OIC Countries (2017-IDNPOVER-349)

Training on entrepreneurship and Management of small business for Women in The Gambia, Senegal and Sierra Leone (2016-GMBPOVER-206)

Professionalization of Childcare in Selected OIC Countries (2016-SURPOVER-217 )

Developing Local Initiatives for Poverty Alleviation through Community Based Sustainable Livelihood in OIC Member Countries (2015-IDNPOVER-141)

The Role of Community-Based Rehabilitation in Poverty Reduction: A Comparative Study among Iran, Malaysia, and Indonesia (2014-IRNPOVER-027)

Improving Statistical Capacities of OIC Member Countries in Poverty Statistics (2014-SESRIC-016)

Building productivity capacities of agriculture small scale producers of the coffee and cocoa within Cameroon, Nigeria and Benin through the improvement of phytosanitary practices (2014-CAMPOVER-043)

Design and Implementation of the Management Information System for SSN’s in COMCEC Member States (2014-SURPOVER-073)

Enhancing National Capacities of OIC Member Countries in Poverty Statistics (2013-SESRIC-028)