Implemented Projects / Tourism

Capacity Building on Destination Management Organizations of OIC Member Countries (2018-MLITOURI-563)

Improving Human Capacity on Muslim Friendly Tourism for Regulating Accommodation Establishments in the OIC Member Countries (2018-MOZTOURI-561)

Developing a Training and Certification Program for the Muslim Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry (2016-GMBTOURI-243)

Training Program on the Development and Promotion of Muslim Friendly Tourism in COMCEC Member Countries (2016-SESRIC-205)

Enhancing the Capacity of Craft Producers in the OIC Member Countries (2015-GMBTOURI-144)

Short Course on Strategies in Enhancing Tourism Workforce in Community-Based Tourism (CBT) within OIC Member Countries (2015-MYSTOURI-130)

Strengthening Community Resilience through eco tourism (2014-GAMTOURI-072)

Cities of Common Cultural Heritage (2013-AZETOURI-043)

Improving Statistical Capacities of Tourism Sector in COMCEC Mediterranean and Gulf Region (2013-SESRIC-0111)