Implemented Projects / Trade

Strengthening SME Support Services in Suriname and Guyana to Enhance Participation in Global Value Chains (2016-SURTRADE-261)

Improving Delivery of Trade Facilitation Services (IDFTS) (2015-UGATRADE-163)

Capacity-building and Institutional Strengthening of The Gambia Standards Bureau for the Adoption and Implementation of OIC/SMIIC Halal Standards and related Conformity Assessment (2014-GAMTRADE-030)

Access to Finance for SME and entrepreneurs in the OIC region; Opportunities and Challenges for the Entrepreneurs (2014-QATTRADE-055)

Capacity Building in Trade Institutions of the Central Asian Countries of COMCEC (2013-AFGTRAD-0107)

SMEs in the Borderless Era, Shaping Opportunity in the Global Value Chain (2013-INDTRAD-088)

International Seminar on Developing National& Regional Approaches to Enhancing Innovation Support Commercialization of R&D Results and Patents Among the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Member States (2013-ICDT-054)