Implemented Projects / Transport and Communications

Establishing Maritime Transport Archives (2019-CMRTRANS-787) ongoing

Monitoring Lagos-Abidjan Transport Corridor (2019-NGATRANS-771) ongoing

Implementation of International Maritime Conventions (2019-TURTRANS-638) ongoing

Feasibility Study of Iran- Caucasus Transport Corridor (2017-IRNTRANS-406)

Feasibility Study for Reconstructing the Old Ottoman Hejaz Railway Line (2017-JORTRANS-374)

Assessment and Enhancement of Air Cargo Interconnectivity among the OIC Member States: The Air Cargo Co-Modality Approach (ACCMA) to Facilitate intra-OIC trade (2015-TURTRANS-173)

Measuring and Benchmarking of “PMPI (Passenger Movement Performance Index)” among the OIC countries (2014-TURTRANS-045)