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2017- TURFINAN-463 – Financial Consumer Protection Strategy Document

2014-GAMFINAN-061(1) – Enhancing Financial Literacy and Capacity Building on Islamic Financial Instruments (Baseline Survey)

2014-GAMFINAN-061(2) – Islamic Finance Institutionalization Strategy for the Gambia, Nigeria & Sierra Leone

2014-GAMFINAN-061(3) – Enhancing Financial Literacy and Capacity Building on Islamic Financial Instruments (Study Tour Report)

2014-MALFINAN-006 – Islamic Capital Market Capacity Building Program: Workshop Report and Recommendations



2016-IDNAGRIC-216 – Training Manual on Reducing Losses in Livestock Production

2015-IRNAGRIC-116 – The Status of GAP and Small Farmer in Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey

2014-SURAGRIC-009 – Production of Greenhouse Vegetable Crops; Principles for Humid Tropical Areas



2017-MARTRADE-379– The Feasibility Study on the Interoperability of Selected Single Window Systems in the OIC Countries

2016-ICDT-247 – Workshop Report on “Facilitating Trade: Identifying Non-Tariff barriers among the OIC Member States”

2016-SURTRADE-261_1 – Comparative Study for “Strengthening SME Support Services in Suriname and Guyana to Enhance Participation in Global Value Chains”

2016-SURTRADE-261-2 – Training Manuals on Global Value Chains, Entrepreneurship and Online One Stop Center

2015-UGATRADE-163 – Improving the Delivery of Trade Facilitation Services

2013-AFGTRADE-107 – Small & Medium Enterprises, Access to Finance, Export Promotion Potential and Formalization

2013-INDTRADE-088 – SMEs in the Borderless Era, Shaping Opportunity in the Global Value Chain



2017-BFATOURI-353 – Crisis Communications in Tourism Training Toolkit

2013-AZETOURI-043 – Cities of Common Cultural Heritage


Transport and Communications

2017-IRNTRANS-406 – The Feasibility Study of Iran-Caucasus Transportation Corridor

2017-JORTRANS-374– Feasibility Study for Reconstructing the Old Ottoman Hijaz Railway Line

2017-GMBTRANS-468 – Report for establishment of a Road Database in the Gambia and Partner Countries

2015-TURTRANS-173 – Assessment and Enhancement of Air Cargo Interconnectivity Among the OIC Member States: The Air Cargo Co-Modality Approach (ACCMA) to Facilitate Intra-OIC Trade

2014-TURTRANS-045 – Measuring and Benchmarking of Passenger Movement Performance Index (PMPI) among the OIC Countries


Poverty Alleviation

2017- IDNPOVER-349 – The Single Window Service System For Social Protection and Poverty Reduction Training Module

2017- GMBPOVER-473 – A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurship Training of Trainers

2016-ALBANIA-197 – Guidelines on Establishing the Integrated Electronic System for Social Housing Services in Albania

2016-GMBPOVER-206 – Training Manual on Entrepreneurship and Management of Small Business for Women

2016-IDNPOVER-258 – Training Manual on Product Development and Digital Marketing for Activating Poor

2013-SESRIC-028 – Measurement of Poverty in OIC Member Countries: Enhancing National Statistical Capacities

2014-IRNPOVER-027 – The Role of Community-Based Rehabilitation in Poverty Reduction: A Comparative Study among Iran, Malaysia, and Indonesia