Supported Themes / Finance

Agriculture Poverty
Transport and
  • Improving Financial Literacy in OIC Member Countries
  • Improving the Role of Islamic Finance in Supporting Microenterprises and SMEs in Post Pandemic Period
  • Improving Cooperation between Private and Public Sector by Supporting Institutional Development of MSMEs
  • Developing Training Programs on Fintech Skill Development for MSMEs
  • Developing the Necessary Technological Infrastructure for MSMEs to Initiate New Business Models and Promoting Fintech Based Solutions
  • Improving/ Developing Standardization in Islamic Finance
  • Enhancing the Capacity of Human Capital through Including the Standards of Islamic Finance in the Relevant Curriculum of Academic Programs
  • Improving the Legal, Regulatory and Supervisory Frameworks to Provide an Enabling Environment All Market Actors in Islamic Finance
  • Exploring the Potentials of Digital Currencies for Deepening Financial Cooperation among OIC Member Countries