Supported Themes / Poverty Alleviation

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Transport and
  • Mitigating Adverse Effects of the Pandemic on Socio-Economic Inequalities
  • Promoting Social Assistance Interventions to Address the Urgent Needs of the Poor
  • Making Use of Health Management Information Systems for Ensuring Effective Implementation of Public Health Measures
  • Setting Up Online Databases for Ensuring Equal Access to Education, Employment and Health Facilities
  • Closing Learning Gaps through Remedial Educational Programs
  • Utilizing Digital Technologies to Improve Social Protection and Assistance Programs
  • Improving the Social Registry and Information Infrastructure of the Social Assistance Systems
  • Establishing A Single Registry System Connecting the Social Registry with Other Institutional Databases
  • Improving Data Information Systems to Upgrade Interoperability between Social Assistance Programs
  • Increasing Resilience of the Poor Segment of the Society