Supported Themes / Trade

Agriculture Finance Poverty
Transport and
  • Improving Counter-Measures to Sustain Trade Facilitation During Crisis
  • Promoting Structural Transformations through Simplification of the Required Customs Formalities and Documentation
  • Improving/Developing Customs Risk Management Systems
  • Establishing/Developing National Inter-Agency Coordination Mechanisms, Strengthening the Cross-Border Agency Cooperation
  • Improving the Availability of Trade Related Information towards Expanding Regional /International Partnerships
  • Developing National Emergency Trade Facilitation Plan
  • Simplification of Procedures for Facilitating Trade of Emergency Goods (Food, Vaccine Etc.)
  • Supporting/Ensuring the Continuity of the Business in Order to Minimize Adverse Economic Consequences of Pandemic
  • Increasing Internationalization of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Promoting Formalization of SMEs towards Eliminating the Informalities in the Sector Developing National SME Strategy with A Special Emphasis on Internationalization of SMEs
  • Developing/Upgrading Vocational Education and Training Programs/Projects to Enhance Managerial and Human Resources Capability of SMEs with a view to Increase Their Export Capacity
  • Providing Guidance to SMEs to Improve Their Products in line with the Product-Specific Required Standards and Certifications
  • Improving/Developing Market and Product Specific Standardization and Certification Requirements
  • Improving E-Commerce Capacities of the OIC Member Countries