Supported Themes / Transport and Communications

Agriculture Finance Poverty
Trade Tourism
  • Enhancing the Capacity of Transport Service Providers (TSPs) in the Post Pandemic Period
  • Facilitating the Access to the Adequate Financial Tools for TSPs to Maintain Their Services in Post Pandemic Period
  • Improving Regulatory Framework for Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of the Pandemic on Transport Service Providers (TSPs)
  • Utilizing Digital Technologies by Including Artificial Intelligence in the Transport Industry to Alleviate the Supply-Chain Risks
  • Enhancing Promotion and Communication Campaigns to Restore the Demand in Various Modes of Transport
  • Increasing Institutional Readiness to Minimize the Effects of Future Crises on Transport Sector
  • The Economic and Social Impacts of Transport Infrastructure
  • Improving Institutional Mechanisms for Monitoring Transport Service Performance and Quality
  • Developing/Improving Transportation Statistics in the OIC Member States
  • The Environmental Impacts of Transport Infrastructure