Desteklenen Temalar / Tarım

Mali İşbirliği Ticaret Turizm
Ulaştırma ve İletişim Yoksullukla Mücadele
  • Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for Reducing the Adverse Effects of Climate Change
  • Developing and/or Strengthening National Food Security and Nutrition Strategy
  • Establishing/Improving Farmer Registry Systems
  • Facilitating Smallholder Farmers’ Market Access
  • Halal Certification of Agricultural Products to Increase Market Access
  • Increasing Agricultural Trade through Improving Agro-Production and Agricultural Productivity
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Food Security
  • Promotion of Niche Agricultural Products through Product Diversification, Trademarking and Marketing
  • Supporting Agro-Processing and Packaging Industries to Increase Value Added of Agricultural Products