Desteklenen Temalar / Ticaret

Mali İşbirliği Tarım Turizm
Ulaştırma ve İletişim Yoksullukla Mücadele
  • Designing an Efficient Legal and Regulatory Framework for Special Economic Zones
  • Developing an Efficient Monitoring System for Customs
  • Developing Integrated Customs Risk Management Systems
  • Enhancing Information Exchange among Border Agencies
  • Enhancing the Internationalization of SMEs in the OIC Member Countries
  • Establishing/Improving National Trade Facilitation Bodies (NTFBS)
  • Harmonizing National Product Standards with International Standards
  • Improving/Establishing Authorized Economic Operator Programs
  • Simplifying the Formalities and Documentary Requirements for Facilitating Customs Operations
  • Utilizing Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Effectively for the Dissemination of Trade and Customs Related Information