Desteklenen Temalar / Turizm

Mali İşbirliği Tarım Ticaret
Ulaştırma ve İletişim Yoksullukla Mücadele
  • Capacity Building in Healthcare Provision and Establishing a Database on Medical Tourism
  • Developing Comprehensive and Effective Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Developing Multi-Destination Tourism Corridors in the OIC Countries
  • Developing/Improving Tourism Workforce Development Strategies
  • Enhancing Local Value Chain, Integrating Local Production into Procurement and Minimize Leakages
  • Ensuring a Skilled Workforce on ICT-Based Tourism Marketing
  • Identifying Current and Potential Tangible and Intangible Tourism Resources for Sustainable Tourism
  • Identifying/Improving KPIs Based on International Standards for Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Improving Branding and Marketing of the Tourism Corridors in the OIC Region for Creating Unique Brands
  • Risk Analysis and Crisis Planning for the Tourism Industry
  • Sustainable Human Resource Management in Tourism Sector