Desteklenen Temalar / Yoksullukla Mücadele

Mali İşbirliği Tarım Ticaret
Turizm Ulaştırma ve İletişim
  • Active Involvement of Civil Society, NGOs, Business World, Scientific and Academic Circles into the Implementation Process of SDGs
  • Conceptualizing Urban Poverty and Developing/Improving Data Collection and Measurement
  • Developing a Sound Policy Framework for Managing Diverse Set of Forced Migration Flows and Address the Needs of Migrants
  • Developing Comprehensive and Effective Urban Planning Strategies
  • Embedding SDGs to the National Development Plans, Strategies, Programs and Projects
  • Ensuring Universal Access to Healthcare, Safe Water and Sanitation
  • Increasing the Capacity of Public Employment Services (PES) through Enhancing the Human Resources and Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure
  • Integrated Health Information Management Systems